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Delight in the spotlight of the glitz and glamour as you experience the world-class interior design and service of Victory Nails. Located along the mesmerizing coast of San Diego, California, Victory Nails is the true definition of class and comfort. The founder, Tracy Malloy, an avid sports enthusiast, believes living a modest life is paramount for the soul. But indulging yourself in affluence every once in a while is energizing for the body. Victory Nails is your nail salon that goes beyond manicures and pedicures. The world-class service is why many San Diego locals and foreign tourists never fail to drop by. The company boasts luxury service from start to finish, imprinting smiles on customers' faces as they leave the salon. The team behind Spencil put together an interior design that speaks the beliefs of Malloy and caters to customers' needs. This high-ceilinged, dashing space is for everyone who needs a luxury manicure and pedicure session.

Design, Style & Color

The modern style of Victory Nails fits San Diego, California’s fast-paced yet simple energy. We wanted to focus on the little details because these elements will liven up the space. So as not to distract the customers, we stuck to simple neutral colors so the hanging decorations won’t be too overbearing. 

Gold is an accent color we used for all the trimmings for areas that need highlight. We carefully designed the gold trimmings on chairs, walls, ceilings, and even manicure tables. Although the space is massive, the hanging lights mask the actual perspective of this high-ceilinged establishment, giving a touch of intimacy in such a vast space. 

One of Victory Nails’s most attractive perks is having drinks and cocktails flowing during the entire session. The sight of an exquisite bar that sits in the middle will stun every passing eye. 

Flooring Design & Materials

We chose white, grey, black, and brown marble tile flooring. We wanted to keep the flooring subtle while the ceiling shimmers in sophistication. 

We integrated a bit of biophilic design to balance the extravagant components and installed wood panels and clads. We also created laminated wood flooring for the different service areas and displayed a few real plants on terrazzo nooks. 

Ceiling Design

The ceiling is what steals the limelight at Victory Nails. We incorporated various textures, colors, and styles to showcase a luxurious flair. The chandelier is the most significant and stunning piece, and the other hanging lights complement it beautifully. We also added some small stage lights to feature sexy curves and corners that complete the overall composition.

Wall Design

Victory Nail’s focal point is the wooden wall panel that grabs attention when customers walk into the salon. The lighting doesn’t disappoint in giving it a special illumination as well. We also diversified the wall designs to match the overall luxury of the place. The different textures are marble, steel, wood, and glass. On the other hand, you’ll also see some bold colors, like blue and black.


The high-ceiling design of Victory Nails enabled us to play around with various lighting fixtures. First, we displayed a dazzling chandelier as the ceiling’s focal point. Then we complemented it with hanging lights in multiple shapes. The different hanging lights illuminate the service areas and keep them cozy, despite the hustle and bustle. 


You can’t help but inhale the elegant and welcoming atmosphere of Victory Nails the moment you walk in. The simple neutral flooring colors, bold accent wall colors, and splashes of gold allow each to shine in its way. Once you enter Victory Nails, you will be greeted with exceptional and quality service that is unique and one of its kind. 


The various furnishings also contribute to the overall versatility of the place. We included bar stools, velvet chairs for the manicure area, and comfortable chairs in the pedicure area to make customers feel like they’re sitting on a throne while getting their nails done. 

We also designed eye-catching nail polish racks and matched the lighting to give them the spotlight. The table top is in polished and shiny marble, which is an excellent contrast to the wooden flooring. 

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