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Candy Land Vegas is a high-end restaurant and dessert bar that offers dessert lovers more than a sweet bite. Focused on traditional French pastries, the restaurant interior reflects the playfulness and oddity that Candy Land Vegas brings to its confections. The latest project of a group of French pastry chefs, this new venture offers a fast-casual vibe without losing its luxury flair. Indeed, this pink wonderland is perfect for clients who want to fulfill their sweet tooth and craving for maximalist interior design.

Design, style, and color

The Grand Budapest Hotel meets The Great Gatsby. When we decorated the interiors of Candy Land Vegas, we focused on luxury and eclecticism to reflect the owners’ main concept. Like a collector with an assortment of unique items, the place prides itself on the most eclectic and odd finds. You won’t find traces of minimalism here. No, the focal point in the design is how baroque elements are mixed with contemporary fixtures. 

The color choice is bright bubblegum pink – a hint at what sweets are coming to your table. It is paired with a bright classic blue, muted greys, soft pinks, and accent reds.  On the other hand, the glossy black concert piano and black rounds add a touch of vintage elegance to the design.

Flooring Design and Materials

Details are what make this interior design so successful. First, take a look at the flooring design. We chose a terrazzo floor material that brings a sense of balance to everything that’s happening on the walls and ceiling. Here, the specks of blue and pink reference the China blue accents throughout the place. 

Ceiling Design

The ceiling tells another story. You can see geometric rectangles in reds, blues, grays, and pinks. It’s a clear ode to mid-century retro design. Aside from this, it also features small lights that make their way across the length of the restaurant.

Wall Design

Most walls are blank, but the accent walls open up to arches that bring in natural light. The arched columns with blue tiles open up the small space to make it look bigger. 

The scalloped walls add personality to on side of the room. The solid walls, on the other hand, are spiced up with funky light fixtures and cloud-shaped decor. 


Lighting and fixtures are a huge part of the design story here. The lights come in different formats. Illumination comes in the form of bird cages with gold details, light orbs attached to statues, and hanging lights and chandeliers. 


We designed the restaurant with the idea of hosting a party for one’s close friends or associates. A place to chat, relax and have interesting conversations with jazz piano music in the background.

All corners and empty spots are taken care of thanks to plants nestled in elevated, white marble pots. Because of this, Candy Land Vegas’ interiors are the epitome of how to style mixed aesthetics and make it work. 


The furnishings, on the other hand, are a bit more subdued. Dining chairs are in neutral colors, with a plump velvet finish to make them comfortable. The center island even references the blue tiles in some of the columns.

We also incorporated a lot of glossy and sparkly textures in the design. These pull together everything and fit the theme like a sweet cherry on top. In short, this place is a maximalist’s paradise. It has hints of art deco, classic baroque, and retro styles, all in one layout. 

This place is clearly not for the faint of heart. Rather than old money, new money may see themselves more at home with this amazing display of wealth. They see the concert piano, the crystal statue, and the most elaborate table set up and feel a sense of pride. The table centerpieces add a touch of romance to the whole setup.

The luxe and eclectic interior design, coupled with dainty yet mystical desserts make Candy Land Vegas a feast for the senses.

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