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Marble and granite can bring elegance and beauty to just about any space. When designing BT Nails & Spa, we wanted the stones to do the talking and the gold to do the flirting. On every marble and granite surface, we made sure to keep the space clean and clutter-free to ensure there are no distracting elements to take away from the stone's natural beauty. Gold is a powerful color with a command presence. Therefore we had to use it sparingly, so it didn't overpower the gorgeous stone finish. Dashes of gold were sprinkled throughout the space to bring everything together and the salon a unique identity.


We took full advantage of the spacious 12-foot height floor-to-ceiling for lighting design. Along the edges, we carved out inset lighting. To avoid eye tension, we avoid harsh beaming lights for commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic. Our choice of inset lighting lets the bright light diffuse along the walls and ceilings, giving an ambient glow that’s both relaxing for customers and pleasant for staff. 

Wall designs

The primary benefit of using marble is its natural patterns are both exotic and artistic. We don’t need paintings or decorations to cover an empty wall. The marble itself is a painted canvas that comes to life when deflecting the natural lighting from the inset ceiling lights. 

Marble, unfortunately, is an expensive material. Therefore we needed other cost-effective ideas for different sections of the salon. Shiny materials (besides the marble) could make the space too bright when reflecting light. We went with a matte dark brown/gray paint blend to add contrast to each room. 

Near the pedicure stations, we created inset lighting that stretched from the floor up to the ceiling. Between the two dividing fault lines rest a nature-inspired leaf wallpaper that soaks in all of the light. This gives a warm glow to customers as they’re enjoying their treatment.


The finishing touch is always the most challenging. Choosing furniture and decoration can either complete the look or ruin it completely. We needed to follow the space’s design language carefully and find dual-tone furniture, lights, and pieces to complement the area they reside. 

We picked mid-century modern chairs with gold legs and dark fabric, so they blend into the background. We chose round spherical orbs with gold tops for light fixtures to match the chairs. 

We wanted to keep the space as open and airy as possible, so we decided not to block the pedicure sections. Instead, we installed rectangular floating dividers to give separation. The partitions gave customers privacy while allowing them to enjoy the salon’s atmosphere uninterrupted.

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