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A gem right in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, Top Nails is every woman’s perfect little haven for quality “me” time. This luxurious nail salon oozes class and sophistication from the main door to the staff’s area.

Top Nails is the brainchild of two best friends who wanted to give consumers a nail salon surpassing the average Palm Beach service. Brenda and Sherry have always relied on nail salons whenever they felt under the weather. They want other women to experience the same uplifting and renewed feeling every time they walk out the door with beautiful, shiny, affordable new nails.

Top Nails’s definition of customer service emanates in every aspect of the establishment. From the reception table and wall accent to the lighting and modern equipment, every customer will truly have an unforgettable pampering experience at Top Nails.

Design, Style, & Color

Top Nails’s overall design offers a modern, classy, and welcoming appeal. It happily lures men and women to come in and have a quick chat with accommodating nail technicians while getting their nails primped.

The interior design doesn’t shy away from the minute embellishments as well. Every unique area offers a touch of love, seemingly giving customers a warm hug when they enter the salon.

We chose neutral color palettes that keep the space neat and simple, with gold design details that give it just the right zing.

Flooring Design & Materials

A careful selection of beige and grey marbled tiles was paramount to the entire space’s overall design. We went for a chic and sophisticated look, so neutral-colored flooring complements the various bright and accent walls exquisitely. We also carefully patterned some of the floorings to separate different service areas.

Ceiling Design

As you enter the salon, the ceiling is one of Top Nails’s top attractions. We painted the ceiling white to give way to vertical appeal. The stunning gold lines and sexy gold curves provide the entire area with a more elegant glow that will please any eye.

On top of that, the different suspended lighting orbs provide cozy illumination to every customer, allowing them to enjoy their manicures and pedicures.

Wall Design

We put a lot of love and passion into making Top Nails’s walls come to life. The charming grey color is a stunning contrast from the black-and-white patterned tiles and beige-and-grey marbled tiles. The salon’s focal point is the eye-catching wall with brown wooden panels finished off with neon lights to capture every customer’s attention.

We also featured different smaller wall accents that also act as dividers. These mini wall decors don feminine scribblings and various splashes of colored dots. The polish rack keeps the eyes engaged when customers approach the receptionist’s table.


The special recessed lighting provides the overall comfort and brightness of the space. These LED lights don’t overwhelm but invoke feelings of warmth and care every woman will appreciate. The suspended orb lights are beautiful accessories that go well with the main lighting.

The types of suspended lighting installations are diverse, keeping the eyes busy and enthralled.


Although we created an open space for every service area, we also wanted to let customers enjoy a sense of seclusion. We kept the respective areas big, with big ergonomic chairs and long tables that offer separation for each who comes and wants a quiet time alone.


We chose modern ergonomic chairs for the pedicure service area and sleek contemporary chairs for the manicure area. Sticking to black, grey, beige, brown, and dirty white color combinations, the furnishings weave into every decorative element, flooring, wall, and lighting.

The pedicure chairs are an invitation to comfort, function, and style. Meanwhile, the more petite and slender manicure chairs exude an appeasing vibe that welcomes everyone to sit and enjoy their service.

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