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A modern beauty salon located in the heart of Los Angeles, T Lash & Wax Studio is owned by experienced estheticians who share a passion for beauty and a commitment to providing the highest quality services to their clients. It aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment for clients to receive the best possible care. The studio offers various beauty services, including waxing, threading, and lash extensions. The owners strive to make each client's experience as personalized and enjoyable as possible. It caters to both men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and skin types. They have a team of estheticians trained to provide customized services that are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Design, Style, and Color

We gave T Lash & Wax Studio a sleek and modern look, featuring an olive green color palette with shades of grey and plenty of whites. The salon’s modern furniture is composed of contemporary designs, with a few bright, colorful artworks adorning the walls.

T Lash & Wax Studio’s style is a mix of modern and classic. The decor reflects this mix of traditional and modern, with the bold artwork and accent pieces adding a touch of fun to the atmosphere.

Flooring Design and Materials

The studio’s flooring design and materials are carefully selected to create an environment that is both inviting and comfortable for customers. It uses hardwood flooring in very light and earthy tones. You can also find plenty of shag rugs scattered all over the place that look and feel comfortable.

Ceiling Design

Sporting a unique and modern ceiling, T Lash & Wax Studio uses two types of ceilings: the grid and the tray. The grid is illuminated by LED lights that shine down on the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lighting is adjustable and can be changed to create different moods.

The tray ceiling design creates a dramatic yet calming effect in the salon. The ceiling is painted white with a glossy finish that reflects the light from the dimmable overhead lighting. This creates a warm, inviting atmosphere for clients to enjoy.

Wall Design

Just like the flooring and ceiling, the wall design of T Lash & Wax Studio has a modern yet timeless feel. It uses a beautiful combination of white and olive green. The white walls create a bright and airy atmosphere, while the olive green accents add a touch of warmth and sophistication.

The wall design is simple but elegant, creating a calming and inviting environment for clients to relax and enjoy their treatments. The olive green color also brings a sense of balance to the space, allowing for the focus to be solely on the services offered. The white and olive green palette also complements the other decor in the studio, such as the leaf accents, natural wood furniture, and lush plants. The colors come together to create a delightful and tranquil atmosphere that allows clients to relax and enjoy their treatments.


To follow through with its mission of providing its clients with a luxurious and relaxing environment, T Lash & Wax Studio has carefully designed its lighting. It succeeded in creating a calming atmosphere for its patrons. There are hanging lights placed in strategic locations to provide adequate illumination for the various tasks performed.

In addition to lighting the space, T Lash & Wax Studio also utilizes LED lighting to highlight certain areas of the studio, such as the reception desk and treatment areas. This helps to create a sense of focus for patrons and allows them to easily locate the areas they need to access.


In line with T Lash & Was Studio’s goal of providing a comfortable and satisfying experience for its customers, we decided to give it the atmosphere it deserves. We designed the studio to be relaxing and comfortable with its low lighting and inviting seating, and wide and open spaces.


T Lash & Wax Studio is furnished to create a modern, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere for its clients. The reception area features a sleek white countertop with a marble finish and gold trimming design. The waiting area includes a modern lounge area with a bamboo chair, shag rugs, and artificial plants. The treatment rooms are minimally decorated with light-colored walls and modern furnishings.

The furniture is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating an inviting space that encourages customers to relax and enjoy their experience. From the soft leather couches to the sleek glass-top tables, the furniture is designed to be inviting and comfortable.

The chairs are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support, while the waxing beds are made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The furniture is also chosen to create a sense of luxury and sophistication, allowing customers to feel pampered and relaxed throughout their experience. All of these elements create a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere that encourages customers to return again and again.

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