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About Sugarland Salon

Sugarland Salon is a salon tucked neatly in Chicago, providing a luxury escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Anchored between the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago and the vibrant neighborhoods of the city, Sugarland Salon caters to customers from all over. The salon provides a tranquil escape from the lively noise and chaos of Chicago, offering a respite from the hectic pace of urban life.

Design, Style, and Color

The modern baroque style of interior design at Sugarland salon combines elements of traditional Baroque design, characterized by ornate decoration, grandeur, and opulence, with modern design elements. This style uses a bold, dramatic color palette, rich textures, and striking patterns, often featuring plush velvet furnishings, ornate mirrors, and chandeliers. 

The salon’s modern baroque style also includes the use of clean lines, sleek shapes, and minimalistic elements, creating a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance that seamlessly blends the classic and contemporary. This style is not just a visual treat but also offers a sense of grandeur, comfort, and elegance to the salon’s patrons.

Flooring Design and Materials

Sugarland salon’s marble floors are a striking feature that adds elegance and luxury to the space. The floors are made of black and white marble, which creates a bold and timeless aesthetic. The black-and-white color scheme creates a striking contrast that draws the eye and adds visual interest to the space. The marble is smooth and polished, giving off a high-shine finish that adds to the glamour of the salon. 

The floors are also durable and easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for a salon setting. This feature of black and white marble floors gives a sophisticated, classic look to the salon, making it more inviting and comfortable for the patrons. Additionally, there is a round ornate design in the middle of the floor, which adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the salon. 

Ceiling Design

Sugarland salon’s tray ceiling is a striking feature that adds visual interest and dimension to the space. The ceiling is designed in various styles to create a cohesive yet dynamic look, with one space featuring a white tray ceiling with black accents for a sleek contrast and another area featuring a dark brown tray ceiling with white accents for warmth and depth. 

The addition of white and gold trimmings in some areas adds elegance and luxury. The tray ceiling is also illuminated with recessed lighting to highlight the different styles and colors, creating a warm and inviting ambiance throughout the salon.

Wall Design

Sugarland salon’s walls are a luxurious and elegant feature, crafted from gleaming white marble with intricate black and white marbling for added depth and visual interest. They are easy to maintain and perfect for a salon setting. 

Some walls feature a unique twist with a white base and subtle black marbling for a cohesive and dynamic look. This combination of white marble and black and white marbling creates a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic, impressing patrons and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


Sugarland salon has a variety of lighting options that enhance the ambiance and aesthetic of the space. It includes chandeliers with glass designs adding elegance and gold metal strips or small orbs for a modern look. The salon also features hanging lights for the workstations made with white scales, adding a unique visual element. 

One area features a hanging light that covers the ceiling, resembling glittering strips of paper, adding sparkle and shine. This varied lighting creates a warm ambiance throughout the salon, highlighting its features and enhancing its aesthetic for a more beautiful and elegant atmosphere.


Sugarland salon offers an elegant, sophisticated and opulent atmosphere, yet still welcoming and comfortable. The salon’s design elements, such as marble floors, tray ceilings, and marbling walls, exude luxury. The combination of ornate mirrors, chandeliers, clean lines, and minimalistic elements give it a sophisticated ambiance. The lighting options and friendly staff create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and escape from daily life. The salon’s atmosphere is an ideal blend of elegance, opulence, and comfort, making it a destination for those seeking luxury and relaxation.


Sugarland salon’s furnishings are a blend of sleek, modern design, luxury, and comfort. The salon uses a variety of materials, including leather, wood, metal, and plastic, in neutral tones of brown, black, grey and white. The furnishings provide modern sophistication with comfortable seating, warmth, and durability, creating a cohesive, timeless look.

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