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5,800 sqft

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Our client wanted their restaurant to be heavily inspired by the fiction novel Lost Horizon. We were tasked to design the restaurant taking inspiration from Shangri-la, a mysteriously magnificent location tucked away in the Kunlun mountains.

This was no small task, given the modern layout of the building. Our team researched and put together an inspirational board reflecting the harmonious beauty of the Shangri-la described in the book.

We divided the restaurant into four sections, each with its unique style. Our client didn’t want the restaurant to feel claustrophobic, so we used custom dividers with cut-out patterns to divide each section, maintaining breathability.

We chose a combination of mid-century modern and East Asian-inspired bamboo pieces for the furniture. This combination pays homage to our client’s family heritage while showing time blending as you move from one stage to the next.

The final result is a breathtaking Shangri-la-inspired restaurant that’s uniquely charming and takes you back in time while being in the heart of a modern city.

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