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This vibrant Vietnamese restaurant is popular among the locals and tourists in Florida. The Sunshine State is one of the best destinations for food connoisseurs. Its diverse food culture is a mix of Florida classics and international influences. And we experienced that first-hand! So, we instantly agreed when Nomnom Restaurant approached us regarding their interior design project. During the initial discussions, we learned that the owners wanted a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. Our designers ensure that every element is imbued with warmth and energy.

Design, Style, and Color

The restaurant’s clear and functional layout is the most significant factor why many customers visit any time of the year. Most areas use wood with fewer decorations to maximize the space. Because of this, you can see more brown hues inside the place.

Classic product posters accentuate the walls and bar counter. Plus, a collage of repurposed doors and windows added color to one corner of the restaurant. This creative approach is sustainable and budget-friendly. 

Flooring Design and Materials

The flooring perfectly matches all other elements of the design. For Nomnom Restaurant, we recommended brown and gray ceramic tiles with a matte finish. The beauty of using matte tiles for dining areas, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms is that they can better conceal smudges, dried water droplets, and stains. Likewise, matte tiles do not require frequent mopping. Moreover, the tile color is easier to pair with wooden furnishings. 

Ceiling Design

Nomnom Restaurant has a conventional ceiling type, which is typically found in homes. It makes the interiors make the customers feel like they are eating in the comfort of their homes. The ceiling has a flat drywall finish, which is low-cost and easy to install. Aside from that, raising the top by a few meters can provide more space for lighting fixtures and other hanging decors.  

Wall Design

Each wall has a unique personality thanks to the combination of different materials, colors, and designs. There’s a brick wall in one area, while on the other corner, the designer used a combination of plain concrete fence and a colorful collage of repurposed doors. In addition, the yellow brick wall conceals the path leading to the restrooms. 


Nonmom Restaurant is well-illuminated. Combining three types of light fixtures creates a customized and unique vibe. First, square ceiling lights are beneficial in providing ambient light in small to moderate-sized rooms. Then, the track lights highlight the beautiful areas within the restaurant. And lastly, rattan pendant lights are beautifully lined up between the ceiling and track lights. This is a fantastic lighting design, indeed! 


Nomnom offers a blend of rich Vietnamese flavors that stand out among other diners in the location. The idea of designing a laid-back restaurant’s interiors is to make it homey, warm, and relaxing. A sumptuous meal and a friendly vibe are a match made in heaven. 


Furnishings are made up of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. The client preferred uniform designs. With that said, we added sets of rectangular tables and upholstered wooden chairs to provide guests with a comfortable dining experience.  

And at the bar area, there’s a row of high bar stools with steel legs. Beautiful rattan pendant lights illuminate the bar. Also, the two-layer floating shelves are added to organize the wines and liquors. 

Meanwhile, decorative indoor plants are lined up in an elevated planter near the entrance. The plant box is creatively decorated with bamboo in a natural varnish. This green and beige give a tone-down look to the Nomnom Restaurant’s interior design.

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