Indochine Style Mansion



Unit size

3 floors, 5,300 sqft

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Private client wanted to remodel their 3-story 5300 stories Palm Beach mansion. The design had to be modern, elegant, and reflect their culture and family history.

Designed for Luxury Living

The entire mansion was being renovated. Our only limitations were the intricate layout of the space. Each floor had a unique identity that our designers had to work with. The client wanted to preserve some original pieces of furniture. Therefore we had to design with those pieces in mind.

Luckily our client and his wife have exquisite taste in furniture. The original pieces were stunning and made grand centerpieces on each floor. We designed every room to be unique, under-stated, and have enough clues about the couple’s origin.

The final result was an interior design that was modern and functional while respecting their culture and family history. Every room had a story to tell. Every floor a trip back in time. The entire mansion was both a home and a museum.

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