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Andy is a big-shot Silicon Valley investor. He purchased a new home in Denver, Colorado, where he plans to stay for good. It was an unfurnished home, but Andy had a vision of how he wanted his home to look like. That’s why he reached out to us. In turn, we submitted our take on his new home.

He specified that he preferred a masculine and contemporary but luxurious style home. We designed the whole home, even his home office, to create a cohesive and sophisticated style from top to bottom.

Design, Style, and Color

As per Andy’s preferences, we ensured that the masculine and contemporary styles were incorporated in every nook and cranny of his brand-new home. Considering Andy’s tastes, we stuck with dark colors. However, we provided a contrast with white, beige, and light gray colors. Plus, we included hints of gold and bronze on some decorative pieces and chairs.

Flooring Design and Materials

Porcelain, ceramic, and wood were the best choices for Andy’s home. We used porcelain in the living and dining areas to make his home look classy.

Rugs are another feature that brings out the home’s luxurious look. These are in Andy’s bedroom and living and dining rooms. His bedroom, particularly the walk-in closet, is mixed with wool and leather, giving it a luxurious finish.

Ceiling Design

Like the walls and floors, the ceiling has various materials too. Originally, hanging lights were the only choice to add to the ceiling’s aesthetic. However, we put strips of recessed lights in most rooms to make the home look classy.

In addition, the living room ceiling has its own water pattern with hanging decor. It’s a great conversation starter for guests. Plus, it can relax Andy or his guests whenever they’re staying at his place.

Wall Design

Sticking to one wall design wasn’t the go-to option for Andy’s contemporary home. That’s why we used various materials to make each room distinct. His home office had a prominent wood motif. Plus, his map of the world art piece was hung in this room too.

Next, his bedroom and walk-in closet also uses wood, but we added plaster. Additionally, to create texture, we added porcelain tiles with patterns to create a sophisticated finish. Plus, we put up art pieces in his bedroom. Plus, his bathroom uses ceramic and stone.

Finally, his living and dining rooms are a mix of stone, wood, and granite. These materials serve an aesthetic function. However, one area to focus on here is Andy’s prized pieces encased in glass. Instead of it collecting dust, we ensured that these were stored for display.


Andy’s home can accommodate natural lighting. However, several rooms require ambient and task lighting. The dining area relies on drop and track lighting. Then, chandeliers are the best lighting fixture for the remaining rooms. These offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Other lighting fixtures include floor and table lamps and recessed lighting.


Andy stated that he’s still a bachelor. Thus the overall atmosphere is intimate. Lighting contributed to this considering the warm yellow lights. Only a select few guests can come over to dine or go on dates. Of course, he also invites his fellow investors or business people to discuss serious matters. That’s why he has a welcoming home office where they can discuss business freely.


Marble is a prominent material in the living and dining areas. The dining tables bear this material. Also, some lighting fixtures have a marble pattern with a gold finish. This amps the luxurious and elegant style that Andy wanted.

He’s also a fan of leather, so most of his sofas and seats are made of that material. However, fabric sofas and seats can make guests feel even more comfortable and at home. Additionally, Andy preferred low-level seating to sit back and relax after a long day’s work.

Andy explicitly mentioned in our discussions that plants are a must-have in his home. That’s why we added these to every room, even the bathroom has house plants. Two house plants are encased in glass for display only, which are seen in the bathroom and his bedroom.

Andy also discussed his love for wine. That’s why we placed a transparent wine rack for his growing collection of reds and whites.

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