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Jan 26, 2024

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Are you looking for a quick makeover for your restaurant? One that won’t require eating a huge chunk of your time and budget? You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, instead, a wall fix is more than enough. Here are ten restaurant wall design ideas to help you:

1. Digital Graffiti Walls

graffiti artist

Image Source: The Independent

Add excitement to your restaurant by installing digital graffiti walls. Grafitti has long been a form of expression, and technology has now afforded us to do it digitally. Installing digital graffiti walls in your restaurant lets guests express themselves, play games, or explore your dishes.

These can also be an excellent opportunity for you to announce events, promos, discounts, or daily specials. You can also use them to incorporate educational content, such as trivia about your food, the chefs, or your restaurant. They can also be an unintrusive way to gather information from your diners to help you improve your services.

2. Themed Murals

A fantastic way to beautify your restaurant wall is by incorporating themed murals. You can showcase your brand personality and identity, creating a lasting impression for clients. You may choose to display the heritage, culture, and history of your restaurant or neighborhood.

You may want to feature murals with fantasy or whimsical themes that will transport your guests to a unique new world. Or use seasonal themes that you can change every season to keep the restaurant walls fresh. You can collaborate with local artists for this, thus, supporting the art scene in your location. 

3. Floating Shelves with Plants

floating shelves

Introduce a touch of nature with floating shelves for your restaurant’s walls. Fill these shelves with indoor plants or a variety of fresh herbs. You may choose to curate the plant selection to match a specific theme, such as a desert oasis, Mediterranean garden, or tropical paradise.

You can use bamboo or reclaimed wood for the shelves to give them an organic and environmentally friendly appeal. Use lighting to emphasize the plants while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Go for low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants that need little care.

4. Text-Based Decor


A restaurant wall design idea that’s full of personality, text-based decor lets you post quotes, values, mission statements, or just about anything in your mind. Create large-scale murals that use impactful fonts showcasing your chef’s fave recipes or a guest’s fantastic review. You may also want to tell your restaurant’s story or experience (like when a celebrity visited you).

Not only do these decors provide a practical purpose, but they can also serve as incredible focal points and conversation starters. You can designate a poetry corner where guests can submit their works or apply subtle wall decals with inspiring quotes and phrases.

5. Mirror Walls

For an impactful appeal, a touch of sophistication, and an illusion of a bigger space, mirror walls are the way to go. If you have limited space, this is an excellent option to beautify your walls while you’re at it. Mirrors can reflect natural and artificial light, giving your space a brighter and livelier atmosphere. 

You can install mirrors to cover a whole wall or strategically place them in various shapes and sizes. Create a mosaic effect with smaller-sized mirrors to give your restaurant a dynamic and contemporary aesthetic. You can also customize the mirrors to have etchings of your restaurant name and logo.

6. Vintage Wallpapers 

flower wallpaper

Add charm and nostalgia to your restaurant walls with vintage wallpapers. Choose one specific era, such as the mid-century, 1950s, or the Roaring Twenties. These wallpapers are excellent for transporting your diners in a different time. You can also choose to use various themes, patterns, and colors.

You can use Damask fabric or Toile patterns for a more authentic vintage appeal. Add a sense of glamor by using Art Deco designs popular in the mid-20th century. Or use distressed or faded wallpapers to achieve an antique look.

7. Magnetic Wall for Custom Menus

Installing a magnetic wall for custom menus is a creative and practical way to decorate your restaurant walls. It allows for easily changing menu items, such as chef’s specials, seasonal offerings, and more. This dynamic approach keeps your restaurant fresh and exciting.

You can create individual magnetic pieces for each menu item, which you can rearrange or replace quickly. To engage guests, allow them to interact with these menus and have them create their own virtual menu combinations. Ensure that your magnetic boards are designed to align with your restaurant’s overall aesthetic to give it consistency. 

8. Gallery-Style Displays

Want a visually engaging and immersive environment for your restaurant? Then, gallery-style displays are the way to go. You can start by featuring a collection of artwork from your local art community. This shows your support for them while decorating your restaurant walls with beauty.

You can consider using themes that align with your restaurant’s identity or the changing seasons. For example, if you offer a fusion of two culture’s dishes, feature them both on your walls. You can also ask your regular customers to submit their artwork and feature them here. This is great for engagement while fostering a sense of belonging with them.

9. Textured Accent Walls


Image Source: Decoist

You can add depth, visual interest, and a tactile element to your restaurant by installing a textured accent wall. You can do this by incorporating wood paneling, exposed brick walls, or stone veneers. These add a rustic charm, create a cozy atmosphere, and provide a touch of elegance to your restaurant design. 

You can also consider using textured wallpapers that mimic the look of the materials mentioned above. You may also use 3D wall panels with geometric or ornate patterns that give your space a modern and artistic look. Bamboo or grasscloth are also excellent options that provide a nature-inspired ambiance.

10. Chalkboard or Whiteboard Walls

Whether it’s a chalkboard or a whiteboard, you can engage your diners in an interactive and enjoyable experience with these on your walls. Plus, they are functional, as you can use them for menus, specials, events, and other announcements. You can write your favorite quotes, a shoutout to a loyal customer, or a birthday greeting for a staff member.

With a whiteboard or a chalkboard on your restaurant’s wall, you can ask for feedback, do polls and surveys, or feature a recipe for a day. You can post wine pairing or dinner suggestions or even tell a joke. You can also post a picture of the employee of the month and many others.

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