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Feb 12, 2024

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Are you in the planning stage of your restaurant and deciding which design is the best for your restaurant? You can’t go wrong by choosing a contemporary restaurant design. One great thing about contemporary design is that you can choose from various design styles. From there, you can make it contemporary through diverse materials. If you need contemporary restaurant design ideas, check out the list below.

1. Use Sustainable Materials


Many restaurants are hopping on the sustainability trend to entice eco-conscious customers. However, it’s not the only reason you should establish a restaurant. It has long-lasting effects on the environment. Plus, you can reduce waste and compete with other restaurants. However, repurpose materials like wood and add plants and flowers when designing. Plus, ensure that you install eco-friendly lights! You can also use a green motif to emphasize your commitment to sustainability.

2. Let the Walls Speak for Itself

Walls are your best friend when decorating your contemporary restaurant. The easiest way to decorate it is by hanging some paintings or pictures. Give it a personal touch by adding pieces closest to your heart. 

Alternatively, you can paint artwork on the wall. You can reach out to a painter or artist to customize your wall. Again, you can tailor the artwork based on your background or history. This way, your artwork has more meaning. Plus, with compelling pieces or artworks that could be the focal point of your restaurant, customers will have something to talk about while they’re dining.

3. Create Variety with Geometric Designs


Geometric shapes create a contemporary restaurant design vibe. Most restaurant designs would include geometric designs on the walls and ceiling. However, you can integrate these shapes into your furnishings. For example, some oak tables have geometric designs. Or, you could purchase plastic chairs with geometric styles to complete the look. Additionally, you can mix it with different shapes. For instance, you can have circular lamps to create a diverse look.

4. Go for an Industrial Design

Another way to show a contemporary restaurant design is by considering an industrial design. This design style uses exposed pipes, concrete walls, and bricks. Additionally, you need large windows to emphasize the industrial style. Furthermore, industrial design works on various restaurant styles. For example, you can have an industrial-style cafe or Japanese restaurant.

Pendant lights are the best lighting fixtures. Additionally, you can use neutral colors like gray, bronze, black, and white to complete the look. Your restaurant doesn’t need to look dull. You could put artwork on the wall and plants to improve air quality.

5. Have a Chalkboard Ready


One indicator of a contemporary restaurant is a chalkboard. You can use the chalkboard on your menu. You can add illustrations to make it enticing to customers. Additionally, you can put a chalkboard outside of your restaurant to promote your specials, discounts, or events. However, you can also have a chalkboard wall to make it your restaurant’s focal point. You can change it every night to show your creativity.

6. Keep it Minimal

Can’t decide which design style is the best for your restaurant? Keep it simple by going minimalist. Minimalist styles don’t mean you need a few chairs and tables. You can have a minimalist style with colors. Neutrals are the go-to color palettes for minimalist styles. Another way to adopt minimalism is with little to no decor. That can be dull. However, you can make small changes like ceiling designs or lighting to bring more life into your restaurant. Finally, you can put plants, too. You can put potted plants in the dining area or hang potted plants. 

7. Go Eccentric


If you have the luxury of space and want to show off your style in the restaurant, an eccentric contemporary design is a good match. Mixing and matching styles are the must-haves of any eccentric interior design style. Most eccentric designs hang paintings or use restaurant equipment and other materials on the wall as decor.

8. Install Mirrors

If you have a small space, you can install mirrors to give the illusion of a much larger space. Ensure that you choose a mirror style that matches your contemporary restaurant design aesthetic. Most restaurants have a big mirror on one wall. However, if a large mirror isn’t possible, you can stick to smaller or slender mirrors!


A contemporary restaurant design doesn’t have a standard style. You can choose any interior design style that suits your taste and decorate it according to the style. But when designing your new restaurant, you need the right interior designer to help you with design, construction, and everything in between. Spencil is the right design partner to fulfill your interior design needs. You’ll work with the best interior designers and contractors. Additionally, if you have a small budget, Spencil designers and contractors won’t compromise on quality! If you want to give Spencil a try, get started here!

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