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Jan 25, 2024

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There is no perfect time to upgrade your restaurant’s interior than the new year. The holidays rejuvenated you, which means you’re more open to change. If you’re looking to do this, you can start with the bar. Here are ten restaurant bar ideas that can help you jumpstart the transformation!

1. Vintage Charm

restaurant bar

Image Source: Copper Steampunk Design

Go for a look that’s warm, welcoming, and full of nostalgia, an atmosphere that will take your guests back in time. Add a few antique pieces if you want to have that charming ambiance only a vintage-style design can give. Choose those that look steeped in rich history without sacrificing functionality.

Find pieces that have strong character, such as bar stools, bar carts, or antique decorations. Be careful, though. You need to add a touch of modernity to prevent your bar from looking dated. High-tech lighting fixtures can highlight a glass cabinet filled with trinkets.

2. Industrial Style

restaurant bar

Image Source: Architizer

If you want a more contemporary approach to your restaurant bar design, why not incorporate an industrial style? This uses an eclectic mix of designs, from chic to sophisticated to raw and elegant. You can use brick walls, metallic touches such as exposed metal pipes, and plenty of browns and greys.

You can also use wood for the bar and plenty of earth-toned materials for other furniture to give the space a cozy and warm appeal. Use pendant or string lights for that casual yet intimate mood and charm.

3. Mirror Magic

restaurant bar

Image Source: Creative Mirror & Shower

For restaurant bars with limited space, you can use the magic of mirrors to add the illusion of depth. Place them strategically to make your bar appear bigger and brighter. Use wall-mounted mirrors to reflect the whole area while catching the light from above and spreading it throughout.

Not only do mirrors make lighting more efficient, but they can also turn a tight space into something snug and cozy. Plus, they afford customers the rare chance to view the bartenders’ drink-mixing skills. Make sure to align the mirrors’ design with your existing one to avoid making it look off.

4. Beach Theme

restaurant bar

Image Source: Kohanaiki

If your restaurant sits near the beach or a coastal area, you may choose to redesign your bar with a beach or nautical theme. You can use sea foam green, turquoise blue, and all the beautiful colors associated with marine life. Place anchors, ship wheels, buoys, or compasses on the walls, at your bar counter, or even on your ceiling. 

Use furniture made with reclaimed wood or upholstery with ocean-themed patterns. Place driftwood in a corner or hang paintings of seascapes or lighthouses. If possible, open up the windows or add more to give the bar a light and airy appeal.

5. Green Garden

restaurant bar

Image Source: Retail Design Blog

Bring the outdoors into your restaurant bar and make a green garden. This gives the place an eco-friendly appeal, not to mention a refreshing change from the usual dark and stuffy bar decor. Place pots of indoor plants in every space you can find. Have them hanging from above to fill the whole bar with greenery.

Use furniture that blends well with nature-inspired settings, such as bamboo or reclaimed timber. To make this restaurant bar design idea more efficient, choose plants that purify the air and those that are low-maintenance, such as aloe vera, spider plant, or asparagus ferns.

6. Farmhouse Style

restaurant bar

Image Source: Houzz

Opt for a rustic and quiet ambiance for your restaurant’s bar with a farmhouse-style interior design. Use furniture from reclaimed wood for authenticity and a little bit of rustic appeal. Find old barn doors, wooden tables, or antique wooden items and use them as centerpieces or wall art.

Use metal chairs for a farmhouse effect, even better if you can find those made from distressed wood mixed with metal. Choose brightly colored cloth napkins or throw pillows on leather sofas to give it a touch of elegance. Neutral and earth colors are your best bet when choosing a color scheme for this design type.

7. City Views

restaurant bar

Image Source: Mandarin Oriental, New York

If your restaurant has a rooftop with amazing views of the city, don’t miss the opportunity to make it your best bar yet. This would be the ideal backdrop for romantic dates, intimate family gatherings, or quaint stargazing sessions. In addition, you wouldn’t need to place as many decorations as the view will be more than enough.

Make sure to provide enough lighting that’s not distracting. Also, ensure that safety measures are implemented, such as high-quality railings and barriers that can provide safety without obstructing the views. Furthermore, keep parasols or large umbrellas for protection in case of rain and other weather elements.

8. Art Deco

restaurant bar

Image Source: Bar Furniture

You may also want to go for an Art Deco design style for your restaurant bar. Bold, geometric patterns, contrasting colors, and luxurious fabrics are key if you want to incorporate this style into your bar. Materials such as brass, velvet, and marble are some options you can use to add elegance to your space.

You can use a combination of ornate decorations with elaborate lighting fixtures. Stools with gold plating and posh seating can add instant glamor that aligns with the art deco styling. Hang art-deco-inspired paintings or, better yet, commission a mural to add decadence that’s typical of this design.

9. Neon Signs

restaurant bar

Image Source: Sleepless in Soweto

Another excellent way to start the new year with your bar is by making a huge splash! Take advantage of colors and how they can uplift your space without much ado. Use neon lights and signage to create a lively and entertaining ambiance your customers will surely enjoy.

Have neon lights custom-made to adapt to your existing restaurant bar design using your brand name or a wacky quote. Choose the colors and make sure that these match your walls and furniture. 

10. Retro Diner

restaurant bar

Image Source: New Retro Dining

Think classic American diners and incorporate it into your restaurant bar design. Get a long counter with stools made with vinyl and brightly colored upholstery. Get lighting that’s bright and flashy, and partner them with checkered flooring. To complete the look, place a huge jukebox where everyone can enjoy 50s music.

Add chrome accents to your furniture and hang retro paintings on the walls to liven up the entire area. Neon signs add a vibrant touch to the overall design.

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