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Jan 31, 2024

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A well-designed restaurant exterior can increase your visual impact and boost your branding. The first thing people notice before entering your restaurant will determine how they perceive it. This is why unique restaurant designs should not be taken for granted. Check out these eight fascinating exterior designs for restaurants that will create a memorable customer experience. We grouped the options into store signs, outdoor seating areas, and patio design ideas. 

Store Sign Design Ideas 

1. Show Off Your Name on the Building

restaurant exterior

The first thing to do is display your restaurant’s name on the building. 3D signs are the most famous building signs today. They will definitely make your restaurant visible across the street, and they can turn hungry passersby into avid customers. 

Draw inspiration from this simple, white store sign displayed on a gray-painted facade. The height and positioning of the sign are visible enough to attract passersby. If you have glass walls, you can add some stickers and decals to add more appeal to your restaurant exterior. 

2. Display Useful Information on Windows

Windows are also a perfect space to display your restaurant’s name. Consider adding relevant information to them as well. You may include opening hours, house specialty, or current promos and discounts. Try adding some neon light elements that can increase visibility at night.

3. Classic Marquee Sign Design

Marquee signs are proven ways to promote your brand and capture people’s imagination. These custom signs still retain their popularity due to their classic look. Plus, they are sustainable because they are eco-friendly and safe for indoor and outdoor use. 

A Pylon sign is one of the most prominent restaurant marquee sign ideas. It adds a unique identity to your restaurant’s exterior. You can display static or interchangeable messages to advertise your brand. Be bold in your restaurant design by showing an attractive marquee sign.

Outdoor Seating Area Design Ideas 

4. Treat All Your Visitors with a Clever Backdrop


Source: Front Signs 

Outdoor seating areas determine how welcoming and comfortable your restaurant is. Install a backdrop near the seating area. This is a tried-and-tested trick. This is an effective way to present your restaurant and spread brand awareness. 

If your backdrop is stunning, customers can help but to take pictures in front of it. It increases the opportunity that your eatery will be seen or even go viral online. You can choose a simple stand or an elaborate structure – whatever matches your style. No space for proper backdrop space? Worry not because you can use restaurant wall designs as your Plan B. 

5. Use a Sign Board to Display Your Special Offers Outdoors

Utilize food or menu a-frame signs. Restaurant board design ideas offer practical ways to present customers with a menu or daily specials. You can use extra design elements like string lights to serve as dividers. This will create a microenvironment and maintain appropriate distancing in outdoor seating areas.

Restaurant Patio Design Ideas 

6. Use Combination of Styles

restaurant exterior

Need help deciding between a rustic, ornate, or modern restaurant patio design? This patio proves you can stick to more than one style. A fantastic outdoor area can be as delightful as you imagine using a variety of design ideas. This restaurant is not afraid to play with designs, from dark-colored wood panels to an intricate gold-framed mirror to chic sofa cushions. And you shouldn’t be! 

7. Create a Plant Lover’s Paradise

restaurant exterior

Source: Aba Restaurants Chicago

Invite plant lovers to your restaurant to enjoy the best food and view. Copy this gorgeous patio decorated with various plants. Incorporating greenery in restaurant exterior design is an excellent way to create a beautiful contrast with the adjacent cityscape. 

8. Accent Wall

Accent walls are for more than just your restaurant’s indoor dining area. While not all patios offer the ability to have an accent wall, if yours does, grab the opportunity! That is the idea behind a bright, geometric pattern. Accent walls are both smart design elements and great conversation starters.

Work With Spencil for Exterior Design for Restaurants 

After having a quick look at the most delightful exterior restaurant layouts, you might wonder if you’ll do a DIY design or entrust the job to experts. The latter might be the best option to make your restaurant’s outside view a real showstopper. With that in mind, the designers at Spencil are experts in designing homes, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and salons. Request a quote today to start a project with us. 

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