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Thao's Mansion is a charming bed & breakfast nestled in the beautiful town of Ashland in the picturesque countryside of Vermont. Owned and operated by the Thao family, they aim to provide their guests a haven of peace and tranquility. The villa's elegant interiors and thoughtful amenities cater to leisure and business travelers looking for a refined and serene atmosphere.

With its welcoming ambiance, personalized service, and careful attention to detail, Thao’s Mansion attracts people of all ages. It is designed especially for those who appreciate the wonderful blend of comfort and luxury with a touch of old-world charm.

Design, Style, Color

We designed Thao’s Mansion to blend comfort and elegance by drawing inspiration from Contemporary Colonial and Modern Organic styles. It features wood and marble wall panels, leather sofas, and glass tables. Plenty of floor-to-ceiling doors and walls give the space a bright and breezy atmosphere.

The interior design exudes a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance. It has tasteful furnishings, plush upholstery, and cool color schemes. Tranquil blue and white complement the dark earth tones, giving the space a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. The villa has the perfect ambiance for guests wanting to unwind and indulge in the timeless beauty of their surroundings.

Flooring Design and Materials

ThaOS Mansion features a variety of stunning floors throughout. Most of the area has wooden floors with zigzag patterns that add a touch of flair. Its elegance adds warmth, complemented by plush greyish-white carpets strategically placed as accents. This gives the interior a cozy and luxurious feel that’s perfect for a relaxing experience for their guests.

Certain spaces have wood slat panel flooring that adds a contemporary touch. They are light-colored to match the dark zigzag flooring. In addition, the areas surrounding the swimming pool feature sleek grey tile flooring with some patches of floor covered with pebbles. This adds a flawless transition from indoors to outdoors while still being stylish.

Ceiling Design

To keep the focus on the design elements of Thao’s Mansion’s interiors, we opted for a plain and simple ceiling design. They are adorned with white and beige paint, giving them clean lines and a timeless appeal. This color choice enhances the space with brightness across all the rooms.

It also provides a neutral backdrop that lets the architectural and decorative elements of the mansion shine. It also adds a touch of understated sophistication that allows guests to feel the sense of calm and tranquility the owners are going for.

Wall Design

To add interest to Thao’s Mansion interiors, we decided to give it a diverse range of wall designs that offer elegance and character. First, some walls feature the same color as the ceiling to create a cohesive look throughout the space. We gave some areas a combination of slatted wooden panels and exquisite marble finishes to give them a luxurious and classy aesthetic.

In the swimming area, the walls were painted with a refreshing shade of white with a hint of light blue. This complements the striped dark blue and white pool umbrellas that exude a sense of relaxation and serenity. Also, a small designated area showcases walls with beautiful stone cladding to add a rustic charm to the overall design.


Thao’s Mansion’s floor-to-ceiling walls give the interior natural light coming in from all directions, giving the villa a light and airy appeal. It boasts an eclectic lighting design, such as avant-garde hanging lamps that serve as focal points. These illuminate select areas with their artistic flair and contemporary charm.

Bamboo-inspired covering adorns hanging lamps that are thoughtfully placed inside and outside the mansion. This provides natural elegance and an inviting ambiance. Overhead, you’ll find discreet yet functional recessed pin lights that provide ample lighting and glow throughout the spaces.


We wanted to give Thao’s Mansion a light and airy atmosphere, so we infused the interiors with a touch of the tropics. We added pool umbrellas that offer a touch of vacation vibes amid the dark leather seats and wooden walls. The potted plants spread throughout the property give that refreshing feel of nature.

An array of palm trees in the pool area further enhances the tropical atmosphere. This is to give the guests a feeling of being transported to a tranquil oasis.


An array of thoughtfully chosen furnishings await you in Thao’s Mansion. In the living area, you’ll find dark brown leather sofas that exude an air of sophistication, suitable for unwinding and relaxing. The dining area has light brown padded seats that offer comfort while enjoying delectable meals in a warm and welcoming environment.

The pool area showcases dark blue lounge chairs perfect for basking in the sun. Wooden seats also adorn the space with striped white and blue cushions that match the umbrellas. If you want extra indulgence, the reclining chairs made of wood with dark leather pillows provide a quaint spot to savor moments of tranquility and peace.

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