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Drawing inspiration from both Chinese and Vietnamese culinary traditions, Gong Cha Coffee celebrates the art of tea and coffee preparation. It has succeeded in combining elements from the two cultures to craft unique and delightful beverage experiences. The name "Gong Cha" comes from Chinese, which means "tribute tea," beautifully reflecting the reverence and respect for the tea culture.

Nestled in the lively city of Chicago, Illinois, Gong Cha Coffee’s owners came together to create a one-of-a-kind space to showcase their shared heritage and love for coffee and tea. They aim to craft an inviting haven where customers can journey to the best of the two cultures. It caters to passionate individuals, from young professionals to tea enthusiasts.

Design, Style, and Color

As with its offerings, we designed Gong Cha Coffee to capture the fusion of Chinese and Vietnamese influences. Its interiors show a modern aesthetic with subtle hints of traditional elements such as bamboo and marble. We aimed to create a hub for curious souls who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind the perfect cup. Thus, a style that’s sleek and contemporary that encourages relaxation and conversation.

It uses a predominantly black and beige color palette, with tones of greys and accents of reds and greens inspired by leaves and nature. Overall, Gong Cha Coffee’s design produces a visually captivating environment to complement its exceptional tea and coffee experience.

Flooring Design and Materials

The coffee shop’s flooring design shows off carefully selected materials that contribute to its wonderful ambiance. Gong Cha Coffee’s floor features a harmonious blend of marble and wood, natural elements that give it contemporary aesthetics. The rich hardwood flooring provides warmth and sophistication, while the marble gives it a solid and sturdy appeal. This combination creates an alluring floor design that enhances the welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shop.

Ceiling Design

We decided on a ceiling design for Gong Cha Coffee that showcases its modern elegance and cultural inspiration. We gave the space a dark and industrial feel that emphasizes the light colors and beautiful accents of the interior. You can see suspended lighting fixtures made with bamboo reminiscent of Chinese and Vietnamese artistry.

These harmonize the ceiling with the whole of its interior design while adding a touch of authenticity and visual interest. Customers will be treated to a beautiful cultural experience even when they look up.

Wall Design

Gong Cha Coffee features a variety of walls to create a captivating and endearing atmosphere. One wall has a sleek black backdrop with overlapping banana leaf patterns that infuse the area with a tropical appeal. Another wall has a vibrant green with round stone accents and grass designs that soothes the senses and gives it a natural feel.

On the other side of the shop is a grey and white wall with large tiles to give the space a contemporary and minimalist touch that adds modernity to the area. In the lobby, you’ll find a beige wall that features stone bricks that give the place a rustic and inviting appeal.


We carefully crafted Gong Cha Coffee’s lighting design to enhance its ambiance. We used soft, diffused light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling aside from the pin lights to give lighting highlights here and there. These pin lights create focal points and draw attention to the exquisite beverages they offer. 

The warm-toned light bulbs are encapsulated in bamboo materials that cast gentle glows all over the place. Lighting fixtures near the wall also serve as plant hangers that add instant allure and charm to the interiors. A wall was fixed with vertical bamboo-inspired lighting fixtures that go from the ceiling to the floor to add a brightening touch to the space.


We made sure that Gong Cha Coffee’s interiors have an exquisite blend of peace, charm, and contemporary sophistication. As soon as you enter the front door, you will feel a warm and inviting ambiance that envelops your body and soul. The combination of modern and traditional design elements, the elegant walls, and the curated lighting all add up to a visually captivating coffee experience.


The furnishings of Gong Cha Coffee delightfully blends natural elements with contemporary comfort. From the wooden tables to the padded chairs, they are designed with inspiration from bamboo and other materials from nature. A separate area has dark brown seats with matching padding, giving the space a relaxing and welcoming feel.

To give the interiors a touch of nature, indoor plants on vases adorn the tables and floors. This gives a refreshing appeal that’s vibrant and energizing.

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