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Floral Coffee Shop is a cafe right in the heart of downtown Manhattan. It exudes a sophisticated vibe with the freshest and most aromatic brews. This cafe is situated along the commercial district in Manhattan, dancing along the hustle and bustle of this magnificent city. Floral Coffee Shop offers a different experience for coffee lovers, providing the best-roasted beans from the mountains of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. Whether you need a wake-me-up or freshly squeezed orange juice, this place has a relaxing ambiance and jazzy blues music to kickstart your day. 

Design, Style, & Color

The overall design and style of this cafe emanate a modern industrial atmosphere. Everything in the interiors dons neutral color palettes, with browns, greys, and blacks. Gold is an accent color that highlights some areas and floral wall designs, giving it an elegant and contrasting touch. 

The cafe’s layout and furniture arrangement is not intrusive, giving consumers ample space to go around the cafe. The coffee bar is across the main door, with tables and chairs aligned along both sides. It’s a simple yet functional placement, apt for walk-ins, remote workers, and those who want their quick coffee fix. 

Flooring Design & Materials 

The Floral Coffee Shop showcases grey flooring with subtle white strips for a touch of variance. The goal is to keep the flooring design subtle and calm while the other elements take center stage. The flooring is not distracting, as grey provides a soothing effect. However, the variety of lighting fixtures radiates the simple cafe floor, giving it its share of a sophisticated display. 

Ceiling Design

The ceiling design of Floral Coffee Shop is the main star of this dazzling cafe, with more than five different lighting fixtures. You will see various pendant lights that give the entire space a friendly, warm vibe. These fixtures are fantastic accent lighting that lures in more consumers. They come in different shapes and forms, making the place more appealing.

A modern track and rail lighting fixture also runs across the entire space, from the door to the coffee counter. It highlights the walls and gives illumination to consumers enjoying their hot or cold brew. Sconces also line up the entire wall, adding an extra layer of lighting for that welcoming atmosphere.

Wall Design

Floral Coffee Shop’s wall design turns heads with intricate details and beautifully crafted wallpaper. The design showcases black and gold branches on each panel, surrounding attractive paintings donning steaming hot coffee cups. The colors match the overall design style of the cafe, including the foundation, flooring, and ceiling. 


The lighting takes center stage as the different fixtures illuminate the entire space, giving it a welcoming and cozy vibe. You will bask in different pendant lights giving a warm and subtle glow. The track and rail lights offer direct highlights to some design elements. The sconces along the floral wall take you back to familiar places while accentuating each featured panel. 


From the moment you walk into the Floral Coffee Shop, you will feel the posh and dazzling atmosphere. Yet, the overall style embraces you with its welcoming and friendly energy. Although the design is a marriage of modern and industrial, consumers won’t feel out of place as every design component offers something for them. Remote online workers will enjoy spending a few hours in this exquisite place. On the other hand, coffee lovers getting their quick fixes will revel in the beauty this cafe has to offer.


As for furnishings, the tables and chairs complement the other design elements, such as lighting, flooring, ceiling, coffee bar, and wall designs. On one side, you get the light browns with a long chair that seemingly emanates a diner vibe. On the other side is more exclusive seating, with separate chairs for each table, donning a luxurious black color palette and grey and white marbled tables.

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