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Jan 24, 2024

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Restaurant bathrooms fall into two categories. Some are less attractive and make guests want to get out fast. Other restrooms are pristine havens with trendy tiles, energy-efficient lighting, classy dish soap, and a selfie-ready mirror. As an owner, you aim to make your restroom feel like a temporary retreat. With that in mind, your restaurant design and decor must make a good impression. To get things going, here are ten restaurant bathroom design ideas that you should try to impress your guests. 

1. Trendy Wallpaper 

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Source: Robern/Kallista

Even restaurant bathrooms deserve to have a “wow” factor. A trendy wallpaper like this will do the trick. A gold bathroom wallpaper idea is very much on-trend. Aside from adding elegance to the design, it entices diners to take pictures and share their experiences on their social media accounts. Consider this restaurant bathroom design idea if your customers want to talk about your restaurant and visit again with their family or friends.

2. Clean Tiles 

Bathroom tiles are a great way to contrast an otherwise loud, funky design. For instance, you can pair your stylish wallpaper with clean, all-white tiles. You’ll be amazed at how it instantly balances the overall look of your restroom.

3. Match Bathroom Design with Restaurant Décor

If your dining area is painted in warm hues, entering an all-white bathroom could be awkward. Ensure your bathroom and the rest of your decor match to make your guests feel at home throughout their experience.

4. Automated Hand Washing 

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Source: Fontana Sensor Faucet

Touchless faucets have become popular in restaurant restrooms as they enhance hygiene and minimize the potential for cross-contamination. Also, minimize the number of surfaces people need to touch by installing hand-free soap dispensers and hand-drying stations. And ensure you extend your efforts all the way to the bathroom door. Most people don’t want to open the door with the handle. Place a trash receptacle right where patrons need it so they can toss their paper towels out as they leave.

5. Prioritize Privacy 

Ensuring privacy is essential to creating a comfortable restroom experience for your guests. Confirm that all locks securely latch, opt for stall doors that reduce sightlines, and install ample urinal partitions. Some restaurants go the extra mile by installing wooden doors for the stalls to create a more private space. 

6. Install Water-Efficient Toilets

When guests need help flushing, the next patron has a terrible experience. Consider installing toilets with a strong flush, larger water spot, and elongated bowl. If you want to replace toilets, go for a water-efficient model to save on water bills and help the environment. 

7. Invest in Energy-Efficient Lighting

Most restaurant restrooms lack windows, which requires adequate lighting fixtures. To cut on electric bills, try switching to LED lighting. This strategy minimizes energy use, helping boost your eco-friendly image and increase your profit. 

8. Invest in High-Powered Hand Dryers 

sink and hand dryer

If you want to reduce your restaurant’s overhead costs and utility bills while being as eco-friendly as possible, consider tossing paper towels away and installing hand dryers instead. After all, the appliances to use can significantly impact your restaurant’s profit margins.

9. Hang Large Mirrors

Your visitors use your bathroom mirrors more frequently than you might realize, whether they’re getting ready for a first date or a birthday dinner. Hang large mirrors in blank spaces to make bathroom mirror-check more fun. Besides, hanging a full-length mirror is a plus! 

10. Make Your Bathroom Accessible for Everyone

A few functional accessories can make your restaurant bathroom more convenient. Hooks inside stall doors make it easier for restaurant guests to hang their belongings, and flat toilet paper roll holders can serve as stands for cell phones and wallets. 

Above all, ensure that your restaurant’s bathroom design complies with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Typically, a wheelchair must be able to rotate within your bathroom. It must also have at least one stall, which should be handicap-accessible with a grab bar.

Restaurant Bathroom Design Ideas: Tips and Best Practices 

Now that you have a glimpse of the most functional and stylish restaurant bathroom design, it’s time to consider the following best practices to complete your project. 


  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Explore exciting and functional design elements
  • Make your bathrooms accessible for all guests, including those with disabilities


  • Walk through the bathroom experience step-by-step
  • Look for opportunities to provide conveniences and luxuries
  • Get feedback from men and women


  • Develop a bathroom cleaning roster
  • Ensure management signs off on checks every 2-3 hours.


  • Perform twice daily maintenance checks
  • Develop a system to ensure problems are resolved quickly

The innovative restaurant bathroom designs supported by these best practices will guarantee success in elevating your restaurant’s ambiance in 2024. 

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